THE LIGHT – (ISA. 60:1-22) – Part 1.
The time has come for us as a created nature to discover who and whom we are through the revelation knowledge of God’s word and that is why the bible says … You are the light of the world and ye are towns built on a hill that cannot be hidden…….. (Mat. 5:14) that is GOD’ S GLORY. The understanding behind the caption of this verse is YE ARE THE LIGHT that reflects God’s glory and identity.
For instance, people are no more reading the word of God again but reading what the believers do. People are now set up as a standard judging, advising, correcting, counselling and admonishing. So we need to be careful as a Christian in other not to lead people astray as many people have turned to be our followers. My Question is WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OPEN AND IN THE SECRET THAT WILL AFFECT PEOPLE AROUND US NEGATIVELY? BE A POSITIVE MINDED PERSON.
I prayed that your light will affect this generation positively in the mighty name of Jesus. And as Jesus is the LIGHT of the world that shine from generation to generations that darkness that darkness comprehended it not that shall be your testimony in the name of Jesus.

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