THE LIGHT – (ISA. 60:1-22) – Part 2.

The journey of life depends on the human stance and commitment to life endeavor. We are already a light that shining forever more through our lord Jesus Christ who paid the price over 2000yrs ago upon the cross of Calvary.

Remember that the word of God came unto Jacob and the whole of Israel was lightening up – lsa. 9:8. Note, there’s a particular word for you to lighten up your life and destiny. Just take your time to discover this word of revelations this season that will launch you into the realm of glorious blessing, fortune, exploit, prosperity and double honor.

I declare into your spirit these prayers according to the word of the Lord that;
1. Gentiles will rebuild your walls.
2. And their kings will serve you.
3. God will show you compassion
4. Your gate will always stand open, and they will never be shut, day or night so people may bring you wealth of nations.
5. The glory of Lebanon will come to you.
6. Who despise you will bow down at your feet and will call you the city of the Lord.
7. God will make you the everlasting pride and the joy of all generations in the mighty name of Jesus…..amen!!!!!!

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