Hearing God is like a mutual relationship between FATHER and SON that was established by God Himself from the creation. Adam and Eve lost it due to sin….. AND THE LORD SAID TO ADAM WHERE ARTH THOU? – GEN.2:9-11. The first Adam who lost God’s given GLORY completely without recovery it back until our Lord Jesus Christ the second Adam came down to earth to redeem us back to God Almighty. This was another glorious opportunity that paves way for you and l to return back to God through salvation.
He spokes to Abraham …. “GET OUT FROM THY KINDRED AND FROM THY FATHER’S HOUSE” …. When God speaks, is to our own advantage. If you take your time to meditate and reflect on those instructions ordered by God is completely for our own goals to achieve, because ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS…. FOR I KNOW THE THOUGHTS I HAVE TOWARDS YOU SAITH THE LORD, THOUGHTS OF PEACE NOT OF EVIL, TO GIVE YOU EXPECTED ENDS — JER.29:11 and the bible say again ….SURELY THERE IS AN END, AND THINE EXPECTATION SHALL NOT BE CUT SHORT / CUT OFF —–PRO. 23:18.
Now God is speaking to you wherever you are, in your car, at home, Gyms, Walking, in the office, at the place of your business reading this word of exhortation. End of that ugly situation has come NOW!!!!!!!!. Why can’t you keep calm and listen to that GENTLE VOICE speaking to you right now…. Having depression, terminal disease, bankruptcy, indebtedness, childlessness, family burdens, fear, cancer, failure in academics, past or all manner of life challenges…. GOD IS STILL SAYING TO YOU RIGHT NOW THAT IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL SOMETHING GOOD HAPPEN TO YOU RIGHT NOW. Look beyond your problems, challenging situations, with faith in Jesus Christ you are already coming out of it in the mighty name of Jesus. Stay strong and remain blessed amen.

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