Have you ever missed your footsteps in life? Or mistakenly found yourself at a wrong place or unpleasant situation? Or have you checked if your footsteps are completely leading or misleading others in the path of life? I remember that since have given my life to Christ I tried with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT to live a life that glorified Christ and affects people’s life positively.

Remember the prodigal son who lives a selfish lifestyle and realised how he failed himself and returns back to his father and was accepted – LUKE 15:11-32. No matter how long you’ve been lost in the world, Jesus is always ready to accept you as He has accepted me.

I also followed the footprint of the great people in the Christendom as a MENTOR, those that their lives are completely impactful. The question is what do you want people to say about you? Would people like to associate with you or disengage away from you? Think about this!!!!! Remain blessed.

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