Every man’s destiny is in his hand. God created all things and made them all beautiful at His own time. Do you believe that where you’re today is the result of your effort, input and impact you put into your life? Stop blaming parents, uncles, sisters, cousins, nephew, and friends and so on.

If you take a bold step of faith with prevailing prayers, God’s destiny for your life turned to be fulfilled. Faith is a living FORCE in actualizing Gods’ plans and purpose for our life and everything come to be.

Nevertheless, do not relaxed and be tired of circumstances around you to judge your life and became downcast because your destiny is in your hand, not any man. At times some things happened not at the cause of SIN but at the expense of faith testing drive in you. Don’t lose hope keep pushing and believing God because the bible says……..These signs shall follow them that believe ….Mark 16.17. The proofs of His wonders shall be seen in your circumstances from this moment in the mighty name of Jesus. It is not yet over until something happened. Remain blessed.

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