The destination of a man makes his journey completed. The animosity of life makes things difficult and makes a man be in a state of illusion or confusion. Have you ever heard or known or have a thought that journey continues after this earth? Jesus told the disciple that ……And if l goes and prepares a place for you….…… John 14.3
This verse is about two things:
(1). ls the place where we are going (Eternity) as promised and
(2). After Jesus departure from the earth, someone needs to continue guiding them as a shepherd, counsellor and a comforter. Jesus knew that mission cannot be accomplished without Him that is why He sent HOLY SPIRIT to complete the mission.
When the power of the Holy Ghost came upon the disciple at the upper room things changed and power of accomplishment came upon them. Why not pray that ln the name of Jesus, let the power of the HOLY GHOST bring changes that will cause me to be a trailblazer, a world economics solutionist in Jesus mighty name amen.
Our mission on earth is to make an impact and be a solution to our world. IT IS NOT HOW FAR BUT HOW WELL. Remain blessed.

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