How do we feel when we’re in debt either to someone or financial institution? I know it takes a lot of effort to settle it. Then have you ever think that you owe someone who never asks nor trouble or penalised for default, but He still shows more of His goodness, kindness and unmeasurable true love. Do you owe Him at all? Just think of it. He left His glory in heaven and came down purposely to redeemed us back from the hand of a deceiver. I remember I was thought at my younger age that “Once bitten twice shy” So the bad experience of the past shouldn’t repeat itself, that can pave way for Satan to laugh at REDEMPTION.
Hugh price was paid on our behalves but many of us (Believers) take this with levity.
If you don’t want to go back and be a debtor or lose the liberty that was given over 2000 years ago, you need to amend your ways……NOW!!!!!!!
It is not by reading, saying the word but “DO WHAT IT SAYS”. Be a word practitioner in other to set yourself free now from all forms of bondage. The bible says “whoever the son of set free is free indeed. (John 8:36). This is not about have been a Christian 10, 20, 30 years ago but for us to recognise that something is still wrong somewhere, and that is why the full manifestation of His glory is not FULLY seen in us again.
Where we are today is the result of what we do a decade or two decades ago. God always wants us to show His full manifestation but at times we hinder Him in our breakthroughs. Lack of focus makes things worse. God has not changed into a statue, but we are the one changing often now and then.
Remember the two thieves at the cross one quickly tells Jesus that l am not justifying myself, but my present predicament is the result of mine did. The man asked Jesus for mercy and immediately this paves way for his eternity. (Luke 23:39-43). I believed for someone who is reading or that will read later will take a bold step of faith to free himself or herself from unaware debt that Satan has kept us for years and years. Why can’t you ask for mercy of the Lord and made a fresh commitment towards the covenant? He’s a promise keeper. God bless you as you do this now……amen

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