There was a day l woke up in the morning going out spending the whole day attending to both personal and family stuff. It was done on me how time was spent, just like somebody that has a course of starting something and ending it. Do you believe that not until you get home to rest or relax for all the hectic of the day, you won’t have realised you’ve been on a journey? Note that it now depends on how it ended whether good or the other way around? But God knows all things even about us, that is why the bible says… “He that started the good works will surely complete it” (Phil 1.6) …and “l am the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last” (Rev 1.8).

This is the assurance from God. End of a journey matters most. “It doesn’t matter how a journey was started or whatever challenges faced but ending it well that matters”

How many times you personally go on a journey alone? Or do you remember how often you take decisions that fail?? Why not commit your ways (Business, career, family issues, challenges, health matters, addictions….) unto the Lord? Is it once or always? Remember that anything without Christ ended up in crisis.
I prayed as you read this article let the fresh grace from heaven be endowed with your life in the mighty name of Jesus.

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