Have you ever have a deep thought what you are called either by real name or nickname. Does this really matter to you as a believer or you think all is well in the name of being a Christian, Just take a look at few cases in the bible as the name affects all things around them and bIblical examples are Jabez (A man born out of sorrow) – 1chro 4:9, Jacob (A cheater) – Gen 27 and Nabal (Fool)- 1sam. 25:25 and also remember in creation when God almighty gave Adam authority to name all creations.

Please take note if there’s something wrong about the activities of your life check the name you are CALLED. Consciously or unconsciously it may have to do with your DESTINY. The people that God changes their names and things turn around for them….. Abram to Abraham (Father of a nation to many nations), Sarai to Sarah ( Mother of a nation to nations), Jacob to Israel (A cheater becomes the father of 12 great tribes), and Jabez cried unto the Lord, he had a change of story.

Why not engage the same way for changed of stories. IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPEN. Remain blessed.