The destination of a man makes his journey completed. The animosity of life makes things difficult and makes a man be in a state of illusion or confusion. Have you ever heard or known or have a thought that journey continues after this earth? Jesus told the disciple that ……And if l goes and prepares a place for you….…… John 14.3
This verse is about two things:
(1). ls the place where we are going (Eternity) as promised and
(2). After Jesus departure from the earth, someone needs to continue guiding them as a shepherd, counsellor and a comforter. Jesus knew that mission cannot be accomplished without Him that is why He sent HOLY SPIRIT to complete the mission.
When the power of the Holy Ghost came upon the disciple at the upper room things changed and power of accomplishment came upon them. Why not pray that ln the name of Jesus, let the power of the HOLY GHOST bring changes that will cause me to be a trailblazer, a world economics solutionist in Jesus mighty name amen.
Our mission on earth is to make an impact and be a solution to our world. IT IS NOT HOW FAR BUT HOW WELL. Remain blessed.


One faithfully morning, l was preparing going out dropping kids in their school couples with getting things from the stores. My head started banging and rushing into too many words (THOUGHTS). I realised this world is full of activities day in day out and if care is not taken l can be occupied in the same routine throughout the whole week and having time to listen or hear God. Time factor had been a major challenge to everyone but base on this, l quickly checked everything about myself that affairs of this world shouldn’t take me far away from my creator.

It is not a sin having wonderful children, beautiful businesses, academic pursuit and working in a wonderful organisation but something important can be left on done or missed out………
EZEK. 43:6 – “Then l hears one speaking to me from the house, while a man was standing beside me”
It is a wonderful and joyful experience seeing father talking to a son and he understood the message passing across. “HAVE YOU EVER HEARD WHEN GOD SPEAKS?” OR “HAVE YOU REALLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT INTIMACY BRINGS OUT?” HOW MANY TIMES, HAVE YOU VIRTUALLY LOST IN A THOUGHT?” over situations around you? It is a good thing to constantly hear from the Lord as to guide and direct you on all things. Everything takes our time. HEB. 4:7b – “Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts “WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hearing God is like a mutual relationship between FATHER and SON that was established by God Himself from the creation. Adam and Eve lost it due to sin….. AND THE LORD SAID TO ADAM WHERE ARTH THOU? – GEN.2:9-11. The first Adam who lost God’s given GLORY completely without recovery it back until our Lord Jesus Christ the second Adam came down to earth to redeem us back to God Almighty. This was another glorious opportunity that paves way for you and l to return back to God through salvation.
He spokes to Abraham …. “GET OUT FROM THY KINDRED AND FROM THY FATHER’S HOUSE” …. When God speaks, is to our own advantage. If you take your time to meditate and reflect on those instructions ordered by God is completely for our own goals to achieve, because ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS…. FOR I KNOW THE THOUGHTS I HAVE TOWARDS YOU SAITH THE LORD, THOUGHTS OF PEACE NOT OF EVIL, TO GIVE YOU EXPECTED ENDS — JER.29:11 and the bible say again ….SURELY THERE IS AN END, AND THINE EXPECTATION SHALL NOT BE CUT SHORT / CUT OFF —–PRO. 23:18.
Now God is speaking to you wherever you are, in your car, at home, Gyms, Walking, in the office, at the place of your business reading this word of exhortation. End of that ugly situation has come NOW!!!!!!!!. Why can’t you keep calm and listen to that GENTLE VOICE speaking to you right now…. Having depression, terminal disease, bankruptcy, indebtedness, childlessness, family burdens, fear, cancer, failure in academics, past or all manner of life challenges…. GOD IS STILL SAYING TO YOU RIGHT NOW THAT IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL SOMETHING GOOD HAPPEN TO YOU RIGHT NOW. Look beyond your problems, challenging situations, with faith in Jesus Christ you are already coming out of it in the mighty name of Jesus. Stay strong and remain blessed amen.